Ofw sa Riyadh, 6 na buwan nang nakatira sa truck at hindi pinapasahod ng amo!

Arnell Ditua, an OFW, seeks the help of Raffy Tulfo. He has been sleeping inside the truck that his employer owns. He cannot go home and hasn’t received his salary for 6 months.

In the video that Arnell Ditua recorded, he tells the story of what he is going through right now.

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“6 na buwan na po akong hindi pinapasahod.. tapos na po ung kontrata ko sa kanila.. ayaw na po akong pauwiin.. tuwing sinasabi ko po yung sahod at pauwiin nalang ako lagi siyang nagagalit.. dito nalang po ako natutulog sa sasakyan,” Arnell said.

Based on the narration of Arnell, his employer holds his papers and passport. He doesn’t have enough money since his salary has been on hold for 6 months now.

He gets his food from the other OFWs who are in the same area. They are kind enough to give him food so that he will not starve to death. He has been living in the truck for almost a month now.

Raffy Tulfo immediately contacted Ms. Marissa Cruz to seek the options that Arnell has in order to go home.

He was informed that since the employer has his passport he can just immediately go to the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh and they will be providing a travel document. They will also be the ones to contact the government of Riyadh for the situation.

However, Arnell exclaimed that he already went there once. He was in contact with one of the staffs. But when he got there, no one was entertaining him. The contact person did not even pick up the phone.

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As a solution Ms. Marissa Cruz said that she will personally raise the concern to the embassy to fix the problem.




Source: Youtube

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