Sa Halagang Sampung Libong Piso, Bagong Panganak Na Sanggol Inilayo Sa Tunay Na Ina!

It is a well-known fact that mother has every right to have her children. Whether she is married to the father of the child or not, whatever the circumstances may be, she has the right.

All mothers want the feeling of holding their newborn babies. It is the reward that they get after carrying the baby inside their tummy for 9 months. Most mothers cry at the time that they get to hold their child for the first time.

But that did not happen to Cherremy Diolata. She is a 22-year-old mother who works as a sales agent for the company San Jose Builders.

Cherremy had a problem when she learned that she is pregnant especially when she was about to give birth. One of her co-workers told her that they will be helping her pay for the hospital bills. However, there was a price to pay and that is the custody of the child.

Cherremy Diolata went to the office of Bitag to file a report against the so-called ‘friend’ who helped her pay the hospital bills.

She was not able to take home her child because the co-worker managed to register the child under their name and not under Ms. Diolata’s name.

They took the newborn baby with them and it has been 2 months.

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Mr. Ben Tulfo immediately made a plan on how they are going to get the baby back.

They went to the Manila Police District and worked with PO2 Jazfer Altea-Hernandez.

The authorities managed to get in touch with the suspects of the crime. At first, they were saying that the child was in Cavite so they couldn’t bring it to the police station. They were informed that a case of Child Abduction will be filed against them.

In the end, the suspects brought back the child the follwing day. Cherremy was reunited with her child.


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