Paco Larranaga May Mensahe Para Sa Mga Sumusuporta Sa Kanya!

With the number of people who are behind Paco Larranaga fighting for his freedom, he released his words of gratitude.

Paco Larranaga is one of the 7 suspects accused for the murder of the Chiong Sisters.

A documentary showing the timeline and both sides of the story went viral online. Give Up Tomorrow helped the people determine that there was an injustice done for the part of Paco.

Now, on the Facebook page of Give Up Tomorrow, Paco posted his message to all the people who are fighting with him.

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Paco wrote, “I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have sent me messages of support, encouragement and prayers. Thank you for taking the time to learn about the human rights abuses and the facts of our case. This is very important to me because maybe by knowing what happened to us it will prevent more innocent people from falling through the cracks of the justice system. Thank you for being my voice when I cannot speak out in our fight for justice. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude. Reading your messages puts a smile in my heart.”

But he did not only think of himself. Despite knowing that many people already has his back, he did not fail to think about the six co-accused suspects to the crime. He claims that they are also as innocent as he is.

“I am fortunate that Spain’s prison system is humane and rehabilitative and that they have allowed me to complete culinary school and to work, but not a day goes by that I do not think about James Andrew, James Anthony, Alberto, Ariel, Josman and Rowen and feel a pain in my soul because they do not deserve to be in Bilibid any more than I do. They are victims of injustice just like me. If you can, please hear their stories too,” he continued.

He added, “I don’t have the words to properly describe this feeling of gratitude and friendship that I feel towards all of you who have reached out to me but please know that you have made this burden lighter to bear with your kindness and that I will keep you in my heart and in my prayers.”

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Towards the end of the note, he is inviting everyone to support the petition for the seven accused suspects to be finally set free.


Source: GMA

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