WATCH: Supermarket na sing kupad ng pagong sa pag-aksyon sa nawalang bag sa loob ng kanilang grocery store, pina-Tulfo!

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) units are very helpful in resolving crimes, it is the easiest way to identify a culprit and get evidence so they will be punished for their wrongdoings. But sometimes, business establishments who failed to coordinate with authorities are making the serving of justice really slow.

Just like the complaint of Kimberlee Arcillas who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo after she lost her bag in a supermarket five months ago.

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According to Kimberlee, after a few minutes upon entering a Robinson’s Supermarket grocery store, a culprit took her bag in a snap. She then rushed and reported it to the security guard stationed at the entrance, but instead of taking action immediately, the guard even blamed her for not keeping an eye on her belongings.

Kimberlee then suggested the guard to request to block all the grocery store exit in order to catch the culprit, but the guards failed to respond to her emergency case immediately.

When she requested to view the CCTV footage in the area, the grocery store’s administration requires them to have a request letter from the police, so Kimberlee went to Quezon City Station 5 to get a request letter.

The following day, they presented the letter but Robinson’s Supermarket admin said that a police officer should be the one to view the footage.

She added that a police officer from Station 5 already viewed the footage and even gave Kimberlee a printed copy of the images captured from the CCTV.

However, Kimberlee said that the image is blurred and requesting further assistance to give them a clearer view so they can identify the culprit.



Watch the full story below:


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