WATCH: Pulis na pinabayaan ang mga anak, ginisa ni Idol Raffy!

A worried grandmother seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to surrender her granddaughter to her biological father who is a policeman.

According to Veneranda Catampongan, she does not want her own daughter, Paula to look after her daughter since she is now living with a new partner who is allegedly a drug addict.

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But Lola Veneranda is also reluctant to fully give PO2 Amado Jugsaya a full custody to her granddaughter since his wife once expressed anger on the child and even wished her death.

When the program called PO2 Jugsaya, he said that he already talk to his wife about getting his child and live with him in his boarding house together with his eldest daughter with the legal wife.

But Raffy Tulfo suggested that it would be better for Lola Veneranda to look after the child since he fears that PO2 Jugsaya’s legal wife might maltreat the daughter when she is already living with them.

Meanwhile, Lola Veneranda revealed that PO2 Jugsaya has another child with Paula but the policeman disowns the child so they just sent him to live in the province.

Because of this, Tulfo suggested paying for the DNA testing of the child who is currently in the province and once proven that PO2 Jugsaya is the biological father, he will contact PNP to deduct his salary and directly give it to his children with Paula.



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