Kababayang Pinoy Hinimok Ang Kuwaiti Star Na Tumigil Na Sa Kanyang Mga Negatibong Pahayag!

Many are not in favor of the negative rants of the Kuwaiti social media phenomenon Sondos Al-Qattan after she claims that the Pinoy OFWs should not have the opportunity to hold their passports and get a day off every week.

“I don’t support this in any way. What she is saying is completely illogical. Something like this is very controversial and they will cause themselves a lot of backlash. I’m sure 99 percent of Kuwaitis wouldn’t support what she said,” the hos of the Morning Show, Talal Malik said to Marina FM

Sondos gained the harsh comments after posting another video saying that the negative feedback to her is also a means of attacking Kuwait and their religion Islam.

“No, not all. This is getting very silly. This conversation should stop because it is going nowhere. She said something, she should be very responsible for what she said. She should not take it to another level or another turn.

I am a Kuwaiti myself and I’m sure that my family and most of my friends and if not all of them would be totally against what she said. She does not represent Kuwait in any way,” Malik added.

Under the new law of Kuwait that was approved by the Kuwait National Assembly in 2015, the domestic workers are entitled to their one day-off per week and to hold their own passports.

“Everybody who work, have the right to have a vacation, a rest day and everything. Since the agreement has been signed, I think everybody should stick to that agreement so all rights should be set for everybody,” Manar Sanquor, the producer of Marina FM said.


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