Netizens nadurog ang puso sa lolong pinagtulakan at hindi pinasakay sa barko!

If there is one thing we should learn by now in dealing with incidents caught on camera and uploaded on social media, it is to always remember that there are always two sides of the story. But sometimes by just based on the video, it is easy for us to take a side and express our thoughts on certain viral stories.

Just like how netizens reacted on this viral video of an old man trying to board a ship in the middle of an emergency case.

According to Facebook user Luke Evans, the incident took place at Maasin Port in Leyte wherein Cokaliong Shipping Lines, MV Filipinas Iligan is about to sail when a desperate old man was seen running after the ship and begging ship crews to let them board.

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In the 2-minute video clip, it could be seen that an elderly man was trying to beg a ship crew to let them board for the last minute, but the crew ship repeatedly pushed him off the vessel as it could be seen moving away from the port.

According to Evans, the ship’s engine started at exactly 8 a.m of its expected time of departure, but the old man came running and pleading to delay the ship’s departure for a few minutes due to an emergency case of his grandchild. Apparently, their family is also a passenger of the said ship.

After a few minutes, an ambulance came leading for the old man to cry and plead the crew to let them in but the latter still refused and even pushed the old man off the vessel leading for their whole family to be left behind.



Watch the video below and be the judge:

This happened earlier at Maasin Port, and it was so heartbreaking 💔Cokaliong Shipping Lines, MV Filipinas IliganI will try to explain this as non biased as possible but my heart still aches for the family. The ship's ETD was around 8 A.M sharp. (somehow, justifiable na di na sila magpasakay ug pasahero, but still, a short delay could have helped the family a lot! 😠)Around 8:00 the ships engine started and guess what happened next…..Kuya came running and was pleading for a chance to delay the departure due to an EMERGENCY!! Take note. EMERGENCY. He was crying already kay ingun na ang crew dili na daw pwede musakay lage. Kuya was crying in front of everyone 😭😭😭😭In less than 5 minutes, an ambulance came rushing..DILI NA PWEDE ISAKAY BISAN EMERGENCY!! KAY NAKALIKO NA GAMAY ANG BARKO. 😭😭I WAS SOOOO DISAPPOINTED TO THE POINT NA NAKAHILAK NA LANG KOS KASAPOT!Kuya was persistent kay lage EMERGENCY! This crew pushed him again and again. 💔💔💔To the defense of the crew: It was dangerous for kuya to jump, knowing nga nag andar ang barko. Nonetheless, a short delay for us passengers would have been okay if it justifies the fact na natabangan ang family (we were pleading as well na pasakyon nalang sila pero wala)Note:Tanan nasayop sa ila gbuhat.*If the family came in early, knowing na mao ang sched nakasakay unta sila sa barko.To justify the family:If tungod ni sa clearance sa hospital (if mao lang na ang case) Hospital Clearance should be expedited as well. *The crew could have handled the situation better. Waaaaaay Better!!😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

Posted by Luke Evans on Monday, July 23, 2018


As of writing, the shipping company has yet to release an official statement about the said incident. But netizens are quick to react and sympathize for the old man’s family. Ready some of their comments below:










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