Pemsa Pascual at ang mga Facebook Girls: Ano nga ba ang tunay na relasyon nila?

Social Media has become a platform of different concerns pertaining to all sorts of topics around the world. Some are worth-reading while others are created to make people laugh.

However, a recent post called Pemsa Pascual Documentary took the internet by storm. It is a controversial post containing the screenshots of the conversations that a man named Pemsa Pascual had with different teenagers. He is claiming that he is ‘helping’ these teenagers.

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It also contains photograps of him along with the said teenagers taken at different places. As seen on the conversation, Pemsa was talking about fetching the girls from a certain place to antoher. It can be said that these women are familiar with the existence of others as Pemsa is saying whom he is with at the moment.

One thing caught the attention of the people. It is a conversation where Pemsa stated that he will be going to a motel with one of the girls.

“Pag inantok daw kami papasok kami ng hotel.”

As of this moment, there are no clear definition as to what is the real score between Pemsa and these girls.

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A Facebook page, Tito Pemsa Pascual was created posting the similir thread that is going around the internet.


Source: Showbizread

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