Sidewalk Vendor Na Nasa Loob Ng Pribadong Establisyemento Hinuli Parin At Sinira Ang Mga Paninda!

Selling items along the sidewalk are strictly prohibited. The sidewalk is designed to give ample space for the pedestrians and also to make sure that they will not be in danger as they are walking along the roads.

However, there are some individuals who are still using the sidewalks as a vending place. Since there are a lot of people passing by, the chances of selling their items are high.

Due to that, the authorities are constantly giving out reminders for these illegal vendors to clear out the sidewalks. The items of those who doesn’t want to follow are being confiscated.

But one story posted by Aileen Gabito gained more than 1.5 million views on Facebook. It shows a footage of the authorities confiscating the bananas that belong to the vendor.

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According to the woman recording the video, the said items are no longer placed along the path walk. They asked the owner of a private restaurant Dampa sa Cogero nearby to use their vacant space to sell the bananas. The owner agreed and so they used the area.

However, the authorities still confiscated their items and started destroying it. One by one, piece by piece, they sliced off the fruits to make sure that it will go to waste.


The netizens lambasted these officials who are caught on camera doing the act. Most of them are saying that a lot of people in the Philippines are experiencing poverty and they are wasting the food that can still be given to those who are needy.

Here are some of the comments provided by the netizens:
“Hanap buhay yan ng isang tao para makatulong sa mga anak tapos ganyn lng ggawin nyo.wlang kapwa tao kayo.” -May Darating Para Sayo


“Hala bkit ganyan nagpa trabaho ng marangal ang mga yan pwede nman paalisin cla n Hindi tinagataga un paninda sempre namuhunan din cla at dugot pawis nla yan pra lang May maipakain s pamilya” -Jacque Raquiza

“Mga walang hiya kayo dapat sa inyo turuan nang leksyon lahat kayo dapat tanggalin at ikulong mga walang hiya naghahanapbuhay yong tao
Kakapiranggot na negosyo sinisira niyo pa.mga ??” – Gerrry Masion Evardo


Posted by Aileen Gabito on Saturday, July 28, 2018


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Source: Facebook

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