Humingi Ng Tulong Ang Anim Na OFW Sa Riyadh Matapos Hindi Ibigay Ng Amo Ang Sahod Sa Loob Ng 4 Na Buwan

It sure is hard to work and earn money to provide the needs of your family which is why most Filipinos choose to leave the country and work on a foreign country to earn more money and to be able to give the best things in life for their families. However, it’s not always the case because most of the times, the Overseas Filipino Workers end up suffering in the hands of their employers.

Take this story for example. Six Overseas Filipino Workers in Riyadh, sought help from Sir Raffy Tulfo saying that for the past four months, their employers had refused to pay them the money that they earned.

“Reklamo nilang apat na buwan nang atrasado ang sahod nila. Hirap na rin daw silang itawid ang araw-araw dahil sa kulang na supply ng kanilang pagkain.”

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The group of six OFWs refused to experience the same thing over and over again which is why they decided to film themselves and ask for people’s help. In the footage, one of the six OFWs spoke in behalf of his mates and said, “Nananawagan po kami hanggang ngayon po ay apat na buwan na po kaming hindi sumasahod. Wala na po kaming makain dito at kung saan-saan na lang po kami humahanap ng pagkain namin dito. ‘Di po kami binibigyan ng food allowance namin sa loobg ng apat na buwan. Nahihirapan na po kami rito nagkakasakit na po kami at wala po kaming pang bili ng gamot.”

As it turns, their employer does not only refuse to pay them but they’re also not being given the meal allowance that they badly needed to survive on a daily basis.

Thankfully, this report had already reached Raffy Tulfo who immediately did something to help these OFWs.

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According to Raffy Tulfo, upon receiving the report, he immediatley contacted the agency of these OFWs to ask what’s happening. He also added that he was able to speak with Edith Guevarra the owner of the 2TG Manpower International who told him that they will get in touch with the counterpart agency. Apart from that, Tulfo also contacted the OWWA or the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration to seek help.

In the end, Raffy Tulfo promised that these six OFWs will safely arrive in their home country.


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