WATCH: OFW binawi ang mga naipundar sa nobyong ginawa lang umano siyang Sugar Mommy!

They say love doesn’t cost a thing. But sometimes out of so much love, we tend to give our partners stuff and money even if we could no longer afford it. We love them so much so we give them everything to make them happy.

But sadly, some people tend to abuse this kind of generosity instead of giving love in return. Just like this Riyadh-based Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about his “gold digger” boyfriend who eventually cheated on him.

According to Rosalyn Guim’s mother, her daughter working abroad would often send money to Christian since they are already saving up for their plans to settle down, get married, and a buy their own house.

But later on, Rosalyn felt that her boyfriend Christian Tiburcio is just treating her like a sugar mommy and wasting the money she is sending to another woman.

Rosalyn said she thinks that she already sent a sum of P100, 000 to Christian which includes the P15, 000 that they spent to buy Christian’s new motorcycle.

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When the program called Christian, he confirmed that Rosalyn’s savings with a total of P50, 000 is still intact on her ATM which she entrusted to him. He also admitted spending P6, 000 from it for his own needs but withdrew it with Rosalyn’s permission.

The alleged gold digger said that he is very much willing to return her savings in full, also the P6, 000 he spent and half of the worth of the motorcycle as soon as they sold it.


Christian also revealed that he still loves Rosalyn and still willing to marry her, however, she is still married. After this revelation, Tulfo lectured Rosalyn and the rest of OFWs to save their money instead of giving it to their boyfriends or girlfriends.

Christian personally went to Raffy Tulfo’s program to turn over Rosalyn’s ATM together with her other stuff. He almost got emotional upon requesting Rosalyn to delete her post on social media saying that he is a gold digger who took all her money.


Watch the full story below:

Gold digger ba si boy o padalos-dalos lang si girl? Sino ang may kasalanan?

SINO ANG DAPAT SISIHIN?#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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