WATCH: Petmalung gold digger, sinumbong kay Tulfo! Taxi driver na sawi, tinulungan maka-move on!

They say love doesn’t cost a thing. But sometimes out of so much love, we tend to give our partners stuff and money even if we could no longer afford it. We love them so much so we give them everything to make them happy.

But sadly, some people tend to abuse this kind of generosity instead of giving love in return. Just like this taxi driver who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about his gold digger girlfriend who eventually cheated on him.

According to Randy Calagi, he has been in a relationship with April Granada for almost two years now after they met on social media. Since then, he would often give April and her kids’ financial support.

Randy revealed that he could not even buy his own clothes or even a decent cellphone so he could give money to April and her kids.


But recently, Randy caught her cheating and discovered that April first met and had a relationship with the other guy first prior to meeting him.

When the program called April, she denied all allegations including having a romantic relationship with Randy. She explained that she only borrowed money from Randy and the latter generously offered not to pay for it.

In defense, Randy revealed checking in a hotel with April and narrated the details of one of their dates, he even showed evidence of sending money to April through money-transfer companies to which received by April herself.

But April is still consistent in denying the allegations, later on, she apologized to Randy for sending a wrong message that they have a relationship and hopes he would eventually move on from her.

Because of the heartache this event gave to Randy, Tulfo treated him to a makeover, relaxation, shopping spree, and even gave him a brand new cellphone, all to once again boost his confidence and erase the self-pity he felt because of April.

When he went back to Idol Raffy, he is now more confident and said he has learned to love himself more. He also gave a few tips on how to spot a gold digger woman.



Watch the full story below:



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