WATCH: Viral na engkwentro ng isang lalaki at traffic enforcer, inaksyunan ni Raffy Tulfo

Remember the viral video of a pedestrian who is attempting to cross the street yet later on ganged up by a group of traffic enforcers? The said video reached the attention of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo who immediately took action to know both sides of the story and resolve the problem.

The victim Ritchie Salvador admitted that he is at fault for crossing in the area where pedestrians were not allowed to cross, however, a Department of Public Safety and Traffic Management (DPSTM) enforcer identified as Jaime Locresio did not even confronted him politely and cursed him for crossing in the middle of the street.

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When he tried to call out the enforcer for his foul words, Ritchie said that Jaime immediately punched him. When he finally gathered himself, he attempted to punch back but some of Jaime’s colleagues came to the rescue.

When the program called Jaime, he explained that it was Ritchie who first cursed him and said he is in a hurry. He first gave him a warning but Ritchie cursed him and even challenged him to remove his uniform and engage in a fistfight, which Ritchie strongly denied.

Tulfo said that the initial video shared by netizen is not enough to file a case since it didn’t show if the enforcer hit Ritchie first. That is why the team assisted the victim in recovering CCTV footage in nearby areas to gather solid evidence.

Together with Caloocan DPTSM Chief Larry Castro, they went to the barangay office only to find out that the CCTV near the area where their commotion happened is not working, nearby establishments also did not capture the said event.

In the end, both Ritchie and Jaime agreed to settle the issue peacefully while DPTSM Chief Larry Castro said that he might probably reshuffle his men after this incident.



Watch the full story below:

Panoorin ang naging ending nito.

Panoorin ang naging ending nito. #raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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