WATCH: OFW Na Beky Nagpasaklolo Kay Idol Raffy Para Mabawi Sa Jowa Ang Mga Naipundar Na Ari-Arian

They say love doesn’t cost a thing. But sometimes out of so much love, we tend to give our partners stuff ney even if we could no longer afford it. We love them so much so we give them everything up to the point of entrusting them all our money and investment and get fooled in the end.

Just like what happened to this member of the LGBT Community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to retrieve all the properties he has invested and entrusted to his male partner.

According to the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Marvin Obnimaga, he and alias Jake’s rift started when the latter cheated on him and even let his new lover live in the house they bought using the money he earned abroad.

Now he wants to fully take all the rights of the property as well as the internet shop business he was able to put up and managed by Jake.

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When the program contacted Jake, he said that their rift started when Marvin forced him to resign from work as the latter promised to fly him to work abroad. However, their plan did not push through because according to Jake, Marvin wants to hide his real job of being a massage therapist abroad who offers extra service.

According to Marvin, the property title is not yet under his name but the property rights are both under his and Jake’s name.

When asked if he is willing to surrender all the property to Marvin, Jake refused to give a statement as he already seeks the help of a legal counsel about the property issue.

Tulfo could not help himself and lecture Marvin about investing so much on his relationship with Jake, he reminded him that he should have given all his hard earned money to his family instead.

 “Kayong mga beky, pag hindi kayo sigurado sa inyong relationship, ‘wag niyong itodo, alalay sa pag-labas ng pera,” Tulfo said.

Marvin said that this chapter in his life taught him so much about loving one’s self and family.






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