WATCH: Pabigat na tatay, napalayas sa kaniyang tinitirhan sa tulong ni Raffy Tulfo!

A father is expected to be a caretaker, disciplinarian, and overall in charge of the everyday needs of a family.


A father should also be the beacon and pillar of his family. He should be the one to support and provide for each and every member of his household

However, when a man resorts to gambling, womanizing, physically abusing other members of the family, and does not have a job to top it all, then he does not deserve to be called a father for he is not responsible.

This is the dilemma faced by lady OFW complainant from Nueva Ecija who seeks help in Raffy Tulfo’s program. The mother whose name was not disclosed asked the journalist and his program to help her oust her husband from their house.

Her complaint prompted after her children told her that their father, Roberto Fajardosal is bringing other women in their house. He is also currently unemployed and spending his time gambling. The mother also reported that Roberto physically hurts her and her children.


When the program reached out to the patriarch, he explained that he was carried away by his emotion when his son somehow disrespected him.

Raffy Tulfo argued that Roberto does not deserve any respect as he is not a responsible father.

Later on, he was given a choice to leave the house or to face charges of physical abuse. Roberto insisted to stay in their house no matter what happens.

That is why the program assisted the mother complainant in arresting and filing charges against Roberto.

Both of the children also agreed to send their father to jail and believes that it is what is best for their family.

However, when Nueva Ecija police were about to arrest Roberto, he was no longer at home and nowhere to be found.



Source: Youtube


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