Matandang Landlady Pinadlock Ang Mga Gamit Sa Apartment Ng Nangungupahan Na Magkakapatid Kahit Kumpleto Naman Sila Sa Bayad!

The siblings Rezil, Riza and Ronette Agunod have been in Quezon, City for quite some time now. During their stay here, they lived in an apartment and never missed out any payment with their landlady.

Now, they have finally decided to go back to their province and stay there for good. But they did not know that getting out of their apartment with all of their things will be harder than they thought.

Their apartment is located in Barangay Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City. Their landlady is an old lady who is already at the age of 65-70 years old approximately.

The landlady decided to lock up their things inside after they refused to pay for the remaining months that they will be staying in the City. Rezil, Riza and Ronette to the lady that they will be using up their deposits for the remaining time that they will be here. But the landlady got mad.

“Ang gusto niya po sir na mangyare, magbabayad pa po ako ng month of May to June. Sabi ko sa kanya, hindi na po pwede yun. Gamitin ko na po ung down deposit, advanced deposit at securit deposit,”one of the sisters said.

Because of the difficulties that they are experiencing as well as the threats that they are receiving from the old woman, they decided to seek help from the barangay hall.

The Barangay Secretary of Barangay Socorro, Quezon City, Mr. Omar Acosta said, “Opo. Totoo po ang lahat ng sinasabi nila.” Referring to the accusations of the siblings of the old woman.

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Both parties were called out to attend a hearing at the Barangay Hall. While they were in the middle of the discussion, the old woman said “I can charge you as much as I want,” and walked out of the room.

As stated by Mr. Omar Acosta, the barangay already did everything that they can do. They have exerted their maximum tolerance to understand the situation and as respect to the age of the landlady. The barangay will now be releasing a Certificate of File Action so that the case can move forward to the higher authorities that can help them out.

Mr. Ben Tulfo then explained to the sisters that he will be meddling with the issue since it was not settled by the Barangay Hall. He will be sending investigators in the area and will be reporting it to the Business Permits and Licensing Office of Quezon City to seek necessary actions and to get back the things of these girls.

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He apologized for what they experienced but also told them that they have to extend their patience as a sign of respect to the landlady who is already a senior citizen.



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