Anak Inuwing Comatose Ng Nanay Dahil Sa Kapalpakan Ng Ospital!

“Nilabas namin yung anak ko comatose na. Wala na eh. Hindi na po gumagalaw. Hindi na po umaano. Pero naipasok sa ospital malakas yan. Nakakusap namin, nakakaupo, nakakatayo. Hindi ko na matiis na makita kong ganyan. ang gusto ko lang mangyare ay maibalik yung anak ko na normal. Makita ko lang na gumaling yung anak ko,” Lily Mallari, a mother cries out of pain after what happened to her son.

The sickness of Lily’s son, Jonjon Mallari started one night after he was experiencing severe pain in his tummy and his back. He could not tolerate the pain so he called his mother.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital, United Doctor’s Medical Center to find out what was happening to him.

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According to the mother, the hospital did several tests and medical examinations on the patient. While they were still in the hospital, the son was screaming and hitting the wall of the facilities. This is because the pain that he is feeling was way too much for him to handle.

The mother didn’t know what to do so she called out the attention of the nurses. But 30 minutes have passed and still, they were not assisting Jonjon.

When the results of the examinations came back, it was said that he has an acute respiratory distress syndrome. The lungs are failing due to infection causing the patient to have difficulties in breathing.

Because of the results, the doctors immediately said that a tube should be connected to the lungs of Jonjon to remove the excess fluid.

The mother agreed. The doctors proceeded with the plan but they had a struggle as the medicines are not taking effect on the body of the patient. He couldn’t fall asleep with the serums.

The doctors had to tie him to the bed to make sure that there will be no unnecessary movements.

Jonjon was then placed in the Intensive Care Unit due to the severity of his case. But while he was there, the nurses didn’t notice that the tube for his ventilator got disconnected.

It has been 20 minutes, the body of the patient is already turning purple and his tummy is already bloated. A matter of time, he could have passed away.

Now, the doctors told the mother that it takes a miracle to cure the sickness of her son. So they advised her to take him home so that their bill will no longer increase. They were even told to wait for a miracle to happen.



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