WATCH: Kilalanin ang ulirang amang nagsakripisyo para mahanap ang nawawalang 15-anyos na dalagang anak!

Not all superhero wear a cape, some of them are at home and called as “Dad”.

They might often look strict, quiet, and someone who seems doesn’t care, but deep inside fathers are the ones who care for their children the most. An elderly father recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to look for his teenage daughter who has been missing in action for more than 10 days already.

According to 61-years-old Tatay Rodolfo Belen, his 15-year-old daughter Marivic has not come back home since April 20, 2018, when she asked for their permission to have a date with her 22-year-old boyfriend Renz “Jun-Jun” Verano who works as a market labourer.

Since then, Tatay Rodolfo and his wife could no longer sleep at night worrying about Marivic. The noble endured riding his only bicycle under the heat of summer and attempted to search everywhere just to find Marivic. He also tried seeking the help of police, but he was not assisted properly, so his last resort is to seek help from his Idol Raffy.

Raffy Tulfo immediately responded to Tatay Rodolfo’s plead and helped them find Marivic by posting his public service advisory on the program’s official Facebook page which already has 4.5 million followers.


Upon learning about her father’s advisory, Marivic immediately went home and joined his parents in visiting Tulfo once again. During the program, Marivic apologized for what she did and expressed her love for her parents.

Tulfo also lectured Marivic to always think about the welfare of her parents. Tulfo suggested that maybe, Marivic run away from home since she is looking for a quality time with her parents which she could not have since both her parents are always busy selling vegetables in the market as their source of income.

Marivic could not even remember the last time they had a family bonding. Because of this, Idol Raffy treated them to a day of family bonding complete with shopping, watching a movie, and dining at a hotel buffet.


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Watch the touching story below:

Ano ang dahilan ng bigla na lang nitong pagkawala?

Ano ang dahilan ng bigla na lang nitong pagkawala?HAPPY FATHER’S DAY SA LAHAT NG TATAY!#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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