Grade 1 Student, Pinagbuhatan Ng Kamay Ng Kanyang Teacher

Bullying in any form is strictly prohibited around the world. There are laws being created in order to further protect the children in every country. Bullying can be of different kinds. There are physical, emotional, mental and even cyberbullying. Most of the times, it happens between two children but there are also cases whereas an adult is the one liable for the bullying. Take this story for an instance.

“Nirereklamo ko po yung teacher dahil sa pananampal niya po sa aking anak,” Edrick Tojino, the father of a grade 1 student exclaimed.

According to the statement of the child, his teacher got angry and hit his face after finding out that he had an incomplete assignment.

The teacher that was reported was identified as Teacher Karen Marasigan of Bayanan Unit 2 Elementary School. She allegedly laid hands to the child and even tapped him using the notebook. But that was not all, there are certain instances that the child is being embarrassed and called ‘Baby Damulag’ by the said teacher.

Knowing that no child should experience bullying especially from a teacher, Ben Tulfo immediately contacted the Principal of Bayanan Unit 2 Elementary School.

Ms. Jenifer Joson had no idea that there is a report of a teacher hitting her student. She was not yet made aware of it since the report was not raised in her office.

“Ngayon ko lang po nalaman yan kasi wala naman pong reklamong umakyat sa opisina ko. Tinanong ko naman yung teacher. Ang advice ko lang po sa tatay sana po ay makipag-usap po muna sakin. Bukas naman po ang aking office para sa mga ganyang reklamo,” Principal Joson said.

The child narrated that the incident happened in July. He felt embarrassed by what happened so he doesn’t want to go back to school.

“Paiimbestigahan ko po iyan pero sana po ay makausap ko ang tatay,” Principal Joson added.

The principal made sure that necessary punishments and actions will be given to the teacher if proven that she is guilty. She wishes to speak with the parent of the grade 1 student so that they can conduct a proper investigation.


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