Lalaki Yumaman Dahil Nagkaroon Ng Kanser

Ka Rey Herrera had a tough time in life. He started from scratch. He literally had nothing but himself.

Ka Rey used to be a farmer though he didn’t really like it, he had to do it because he only finished until Grade 3. He also worked as a conductor for a bus company and a jeepney driver in Bulacan.

He doubled his efforts after finding the love of his life. But it still wasn’t enough.

After that, he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 46. It was already severe during stage 4 Lymphoma cancer.

“Noong una, ang sakit ko lang po ay highblood at diabetes. Sampung taon akong nagmemaintenance noon. Bigla nalang po akong nanlumo. Sabi ng mga doctor na 3 months nalang ang aking buhay,” Herrera said.

Rey even said that he gave up on life. He was only waiting for his death until one day he noticed the goats around his house.

“Sa lahat ng hayop, hindi nagkakapeste ang kambing. Lahat ng kinakain ng kambing pinapakuha ko sa pamangkin ko,” Rey stated.

He boiled all the herbs that the goats are eating and drank it all. Surprisingly, in a couple of days, he was able to stand up.

Ka Rey Herrera discovered an Herbal Food Supplement that cures many diseases. After discovering the medicine, he offered it to those who don’t have any money to cure their diseases.

He offered them treatment first before payment option.

This was the breakthrough for the creation of a tested and proven herbal medicine.

The product was approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD). It is now called REH Herbal that helps cure different kinds of sickness and diseases.

The main objective of the product is to promote the better ways of living and healthy habits to the public.

The testimonies of those people who tried taking up the said Herbal Medicine can be found on their website. It cured different sicknesses like arthritis, asthma and many more.

Because of his discovery of the herbal food supplement, Ka Rey Herrera now owns a lot of properties. The man who used to work hard to live his life is now living the dream of many people.


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