BABALA: Bata Naipit Sa Escalator Ng Isang Mall Sa Davao City!

Children being their playful self would not often carefree about what they do, as long as they are happy and enjoying, they do not mind the dangers in their surrounding, that is why it is our role as parents or guardians to look after them all the time and make sure they are safe from all harm.

However, there are some instances that accidents could not really be avoided and instead of putting the blame on anyone else, we should just learn a lesson out of it.

Just like this incident caught on camera wherein, a little girl had an accident while innocently riding an escalator inside a certain mall in Davao City.

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In the 56-second video uploaded by Facebook user Vannesa Padernal Baguio, a young girl wearing pink shirt could be seen crying and screaming in pain after her arm and hair got trapped by the escalator.

It turned out that the toy that she is trying to reach her toy that fell on the ground, but things escalated quickly when both her hair and arm got caught by the moving staircase.

“The little girl’s toy fell so she was trying to reach it, that’s when her hair got caught in the escalator,” Baguio wrote.

“The reason why she’s screaming in pain is that part of her arm is also caught, pinking the skin and muscles. It was pitiful to watch. I felt so sorry for her because nobody could do anything,” she added.

Although a concerned mall goer pushed the escalator’s emergency button, it was already too late as both her arms and hair are caught.

Aside from the crying little girl, the video also shows her father who is trying to comfort and help her but could not do anything and could be seen slamming the escalator out of desperation.

As soon as the mall staff arrived, they were able to cut the girl’s hair to free her head and unscrew the bottom of the escalator to release the poor girl’s arms.

Mahigpit na alaala para sa mga magulang.Huwang na huwag bibitawan ang mga bata pag nasa escalator.Nangyari ito sa isang mall sa Davao City.Fb post by : Van Ne Sa

Posted by Online Daily Trends on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Because of this incident, netizens could not help but express their worry and reminded all parents are guardian to be extra careful in looking after the kids. Read some of their comments below:







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