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Many say that once you fall in love, you will do whatever it takes just to make sure that the other person would feel loved. Even if it takes giving all that you have for them.


A man named Ice Lim, a Chinese businessman loses his business after being spendy rich man towards a Badminton player studying at the De La Salle University in Taft.


Out of his undying love for the woman who was identified as Monica Arianne Rivera, he showered her with many expensive items like 2 cars (Suzuki Ertiga and Kia Picanto), two high-end watchers (Rolex and Tudor) and newly released phones (iPhone X, Samsung S8 and Samsung S9). He even bought her pieces of jewelry like Pandora, Louis Vuitton and a gold bracelet.

Aside from all of these expensive items from the bottom of his heart, Ice Lim also often gives Arianne cash for her everyday expenses.


He was even thankful that he did not grant the wish of Arianne to have a Mini Cooper because it would cost him millions.

Ice was also reported to have helped the woman pay for the renovation of her parent’s house. He bought an aircon and had it installed in their home. The last tuition fee of Arianne was also paid for by him so that she would graduate on time.





According to the statement of Ice Lim, he courted Arianne for more than a year. But their relationship only lasted for five months. She decided to end their relationship because Arianne was feeling depressed about their relationship.





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In the span of their 5-month relationship, Ice Lim didn’t even feel the love of Arianne for him. She did not become sweet or did any sweet gestures for him. Lim stated that nothing happened between the two of them. They haven’t shared a kiss, even a kiss on the cheeks is prohibited. Arianne would also get upset and irritated if Ice Lim would put his arms on her shoulder.

Arianne even gave the man 10 Commandments and Rules about their relationship including a rule that they could not cuddle or do sweet gestures and no one should know about their relationship.


The sad part about this story is that Arianne admitted that she sometimes sells the items that she is receiving from Ice Lim because she gets short in cash sometimes.

Ice Lim felt and knew that Arianne did all of this because of the money that he is spending for her. This is also the main reason why he approached Idol Raffy Tulfo to seek help in retrieving the money that he spent on the lady.

But Arianne insisted that she will not give the money and the gifts to him because these are all his remembrance to her, she said.



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