WATCH: Kumpol-Kumpol na Piraso Ng Buhok, Lumabas sa Bunganga Ng Isang Babaeng Nasaniban Umano Ng Masamang Espiritu!

Demonic possession or the act of an evil spirit taking control a human body is believed to exist in many parts of the world; most of the people who believe in spirit possession are those parts of religious groups including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and more. And what’s their way to get rid of this evil spirit in one’s body? Through exorcism.

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Exorcism is a religious practice which involves the process of evicting the demon or other spiritual entities being possessed by a human body. A lot of horror movies have already depicted this kind of practice which is believed to exist even at this age and time.

Recently, a video going rounds in the internet once again proved that exorcism is real. The 3-minute-clip features an exorcist named Babalao which means “father or mysteries” in the Yoruba language. He is performing an exorcism act to free a woman from Havana, Cuba from being possessed by an unknown spirit.

Babalao is said to perform the ritual called “liberation of a mighty damage” which is believed to eliminate the curse of a witchcraft the woman has acquired in Afro-Cuban religion.

First, Babalao tied the woman’s hands together, then he prepared a bowl full of charcoal and pulled out an egg out of it.

After a few minutes, the alleged possessed woman started having unusual behavior like talking nonsense and laughing out of nowhere. That’s when the exorcist began rumbling something and put his hand inside the woman’s mouth.

Surprisingly, Babalao then pulled out some buns of thick black hair out of the woman’s mouth which also has some traces of blood. After several taking out several buns of hair out, the woman in back from her consciousness and seems very tired of what just happened.

Babalao, on the other hand, placed the pile of bloody hair in a jar, those hairs blocking the woman’s mouth is believed to be caused by the said witchcraft.

Watch the video to see it for yourself. Warning: the video contains very graphic images which may not be appropriate for some audience.





Click here to watch full video.


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