WATCH: 13-Anyos na Bata Binu-Bully ng mga Matatandang Kapitbahay Pinag-harap ni Raffy Tulfo!

A few days ago, a 13-year old complainant named Chen, together with her mother, Jonnah, went to the “Raffy Tulfo in Action” program to narrate her experiences as a victim of bullying. Chen is a Grade 7 honors student, while Jonnah is a househelper.

Chen claimed that some people in her neighborhood say bad things about her, even calling her with insulting words such as “tarsier” and “magna cum laude,” a euphemism for “thief” or “magnanakaw.”

She said that whenever she passed by the house of those people, they would often insinuate about her. There was one time when her neighbors spoke about her smoking habit saying “Hoy, ikaw! Nagyoyosi ka pala? Laglag baga mo!” (Hey, you! You’re smoking? Your lungs would fall off!) followed by laughter.

Tulfo expressed her admiration to the girl because of her capacity to ignore those hostilities. Instead, she strived harder in her studies while selling ice pops on the side to support her schooling and her family. She proudly said that she was included in list of top students of her class.

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But according to Jonnah, Chen stopped selling ice pops after the bullying intensified.

In the recent episode of the show, Tulfo invited Chen’s neighbors who were accused of bullying the teenager. They were Bing Mimay and Rose Mimay. Tulfo let the two narrate their side of the story.

According to Bing, no bullying happened and Chen was just making up stories to put them on the bad side. They defended themselves by saying that they never said anything bad about Chen nor Jonnah. It’s just that, whenever Chen passed by their house while they’re talking about something, Chen was quick to assume that the topic was about her.

She said that Chen’s accusation of them calling her “magna cum laude” is not true. They reasoned that during that time, Bing asked Rose the difference between a summa cum laude and a magna cum laude, because Rose was an honors student herself. It was Chen who picked it up as something bad and assumed that they were referring to her.

Rose on the other hand explained the reason behind the “tarsier” insult. She said that it was never directed to Chen and she was in fact talking about a tarsier literally. She said that her husband was assigned in Bohol. She was talking to him and asked if he was able to stop over to the place where tarsiers are located. It just so happened that Chen, once again coincidentally passed by their house while they were having that conversation.

Prior to this, Jonnah and Rose already had an existing conflict regarding the fences between their houses.

The conflict between them had already reached the barangay officials but they were not able to resolve it immediately.

Watch the full video of their confrontation:

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