12-anyos na estudyante ikinulong ng ka-eyeball

It seems like you can never really trust someone, especially a person you’ll be meeting for the first time.

A 20-year-old man in Tinambac, Camarines Sur was put behind bars after holding a 12-year-old grade 7 student captive in his own house and repeatedly forcing her to copulate with him.

Jason Mendoza and the unnamed minor were ‘textmates’ prior to the incident.

According to James Agustin in Balitanghali last Thursday, the incident happened during the month of December, last year.

The two decided to finally meet through an eye-ball. But the grade 7 student did not expect that the supposedly harmless meet-up would lead her into trouble.

Instead of just going on an ordinary date, Mendoza reportedly held the grade 7 student at gunpoint and coerced her to ride a jeepney going to his house where he held the victim captive for five days and reportedly forced penetrated the girl four times.

He only set her free when the girl’s parents started looking for her in their baranggay.

Mendoza denied the accusations against him saying that there was no forced copulation that happened because he and the 12-year-old is in a romantic relationship.

Mendoza said that he was hoping that everything would get fixed because he believed that he did not do anything to violate the student’s dignity.

The authorities advised everyone to stay safe and avoid meeting and going out with people you barely know. Especially those you only met through text.

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PO2 Diana Cailao encouraged everyone to remain vigilant and alert in times like this. If possible, inform other people about the whereabouts of oneself. If one is a minor, it is advisable to inform the parents.

This way, it would be easier to track suspicious people who are capable of committing illegal activities.

Mendoza will now face charges against him.

Meanwhile, in the same region of Bicol, the town’s most wanted in Guinobatan, Albay was finally apprehended after three years of hiding.

The convicted man was charged with qualified forced copulation and three counts of statutory forced copulation. According to Senior Inspector Jonnel Averilla, the chief of police in Guinobatan, Albay, the convict’s victim of forced copulation was her own niece.


The culprit cannot post bail on all the cases charged against him.


He decided to not provide interview nor give a statement.


This is a reminder for everyone to always stay safe. But most importantly, to remind those who commit heinous activities to look forward into living their life behind bars.



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