24-Anyos Na Netizen, Ibinahagi Ang Pagiging “Bantay Sarado” Sa Amang Pulis!

Every daughter has been a daddy’s girl at one point in their lives; fathers are the first man in their lives and could be considered as their first love. Being quiet, N-R (no reaction), and strict most of the time is a father’s language of love.

They may be quiet, but deep inside they are observing their daughter’s behavior and actions; they may give you the iconic NR look, but deep inside they are just hiding their emotion to maintain that brusque father image, and they may be strict most of the time, but deep inside they are just worried and always thinking about protecting their precious daughters.

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Every daughter has their own fair share of “overly protective dad” stories, but one netizen’s story on her low-key protective dad will surely melt your heart.

In the Facebook post of Xiannie Delfin entitled “Ang papa kong overprotective”, she narrated how her policeman father would guard her while hanging out with friends even if she is already 24-years of age.

Xiannie narrated that one night, she and her friends decided to chill and get a few drinks in a nearby bar. Being single and still living with her parents, Xiannie, of course, asked the permission of her parents.

Being his overprotective self, Xiannie’s father allowed her to hang out only if she will allow him to join as he fears that her unica hija might get drunk and no one trustworthy enough will take her home.

But instead of putting her daughter to shame by hanging around with her at the bar, Xiannie’s father seated in a table not far enough for him to still watch over his daughter.

Xiannie said that seeing her dad from afar makes her confuse if she will feel pity that he is drinking in a bar alone or will be ashamed that despite being 24-years-old, she is still accompanied by her father inside a bar.

She also shared how her father insisted to wear his cap inside the bar only to realize that he did it on purpose so other people, especially Xiannie’s friends would not recognize him.

What made this entire “overprotective” dad story more heart-warming is the father-and-daughters’ exchange of text message wherein Xiannie’s dad is offering to share her appetizer to her daughter, how sweet.

Read her full story below:









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