WATCH: OFW inireklamo ang dating kinakasama na sumama sa iba matapos siyang gatasan siya ng higit P3-milyon

They say distance makes the love grow fonder, but we all know that most often than not, distance actually gives room for a third party to lurk in and ruin a relationship.

Just like what happened to Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Glendo Dumacal, who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about his live-in partner who later on cheated on him after giving her almost everything in life.

According to Glendo, her partner Cony Tacor is also a former OFW, but when the latter decided to go back to the Philippines, they agreed to buy a car to serve as Cony’s service. He also voluntarily send Cony a monthly allowance worth P23,000 and more for her needs and to pay for the school expenses of Cony’s children from her first husband.

But recently, he discovered that Cony is having an affair with a certain ambulance driver named Melecio Casino. Apparently, Melecio is the one who thought Cony how to drive.

Melicio of the co-worker of Cony’s sister, he also thought the sister how to drive so she recommended as driving teacher for Cony. But little did Glendo knew that this innocent instructor-student relationship would actually develop into infidelity.

“’Yan ang nagturo sakaniya mag drive… Wala akong kaalam alam sir na ‘yun pala, pati na si Cony dina-drive!” Glendo said.

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Now, Glendo wants to retrieve all the money he gave to Cony which according to him will be total to P3-million.

Tulfo honestly told Glendo that since they did not have any written agreement regarding the money, it will be hard for them to retrieve back the money.

On top of that, Glendo also complained about Melecio who accused him of hiring a hit man to kill him and apparently was able to hire his colleague leading Melecio to admit that he is also a former hit man working for politicians.

When the program called Tagoloan Misamis Oriental Chief of Police Major Albert Tare, he said that they already did a background check on Melecio and said there are no further records showing that he is involved in any crimes. The police suspected that Melecio is probably just making up stories to scare Glendo.


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