Traffic Enforcers Sa Pasig, Naniket Nang Walang Dahilan

Traffic enforcers ticket drivers for no reason.

A driver approached the program “Raffy Tulfo in Action” to complain about the Pasig traffic enforcers about their inappropriate behavior.

The driver, Aize Hidalgo, narrated his experience after being pulled over by a traffic enforcer at F. Legazpi Bridge in Pasay City.

Hidalgo asked the traffic enforcer what the problem was and what was his violation.

The said traffic enforcer did not give him the answer, instead said that the team leader will be the one to explain the matter to him.

Tulfo immediately called this out. He said that the moment an authority stopped you, they are obliged to inform the driver immediately about his violation, then and there.

It is very inappropriate that one will pull a vehicle over and later on said that someone else would discuss the matter.

When the team leader approached Hidalgo, he again asked what his violation was.

The enforcer told him that his vehicle has defective signal lights.

Hidalgo asserted that his lights are not broken.

As seen in the video he took, he was proving to the enforcers that his lights were perfectly fine.

But the traffic officers insisted that the driver has defective signal lights even though it was already clear that nothing was wrong with Hidalgo’s vehicle.

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At this time, Hidalgo was already losing his patience so he just asked the traffic enforcers to give him a ticket if that’s what they really want.

To which the traffic enforcer responded, “Inaamin mo na pagkakamali mo?”

The driver insisted that he did not violate any rule, rather he just want the conversation to end.

When asked whether the enforcer gave him a ticket, Hidalgo admitted that the officer was just attempting to . The officer ended up not giving him a ticket nor confiscating his license.

Hidalgo said that he was not the only one who was bothered by this traffic enforcers. He shared that prior to his case, he also noticed at least five other drivers who were stopped over for their supposedly violations.

Tulfo asked Hidalgo if he got the names of the officers involved. Hidalgo, though unsure, said that one was probably named R.M. Gueta. He was not able to get the others’ names.

He said that there were three officers present that time.

Tulfo then contacted the personnel that might be involved in this.

Sector 4 Pasig Traffic Management Office OIC, Ronald dela Cruz responded to Tulfo’s call.

Tulfo asked whether their sector has a personnel named R.M. Gueta.

Dela Cruz said that the officer might be in the other sector and not theirs.

When asked whether they handled the traffic situation in F. Legazpi Bridge, Dela Cruz once again said that it was handled by the other sector.

Dela Cruz said that the other sector was currently having a meeting during the time of the call.

Tulfo who was seemingly disappointed just thanked Dela Cruz.

He promised Hidalgo that they will try to contact the other sector and get to the bottom of all of these.

Source: Youtube

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