Walang kwenta raw si Pangulong Duterte, sabi nitong anti-Duterte lawyer na ito

It has been two years since Rodrigo Duterte seated as the President of the country and up to now, he is still subjected for numerous criticisms and controversies. Some are applauding his iron-fisted style of leadership, particularly in his approach on crimes and prolifiration of illegal substance among the country.

Some, however, are pointing out that the Duterte administration has never been so bloody since the Marcos regime. Thousands of lives were lost because of the intensified police operations against illegal substance and human rights groups are not fine with it.



Human rights groups also pointed out how there is a culture of impunity because of Duterte’s platforms and policies. Duterte’s critics have concluded that Duterte is a horrible leader.

One of them is lawyer Elly Pamatong. It can be remembered that Pamatong has previously filed for presidential candidacy but the Commission on Elections declared him as a nuisance candidate.

In a video posted by Facebook page Sabinya, an anti-Duterte page, Pamatong accussed Duterte of being an ineffective leader due to the number of lost lives under his administration.

In fact, he called the President as “crazy” and attributed this behavior to him drinking Fentanyl.

“Sa totoo lang, baliw ka eh. Buwang ka eh. You are busy using this Fentanyl…It drives you crazy,” he said.


Duterte previously admitted that he has been taking too much Fentanyl to ease his body pains. He said that taking Fentanyl is like experiencing “paradise”.

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Pamatong also accused Duterte of cheating on the elections by questiong the authenticity of the 16 million votes he got.

“Wala namang 16 million ang bumoto sayo. You succeeded by cheating on your way to presidency,” he said.

Pamatong then challenged Duterte in a one-on-one fight as a way of telling him to leave the people alone from his policies of neutralizing alleged users and pushers of illegal substance.

“Duwag ka. Bumabaril ka ng tao na helpless. Puntahan mo ‘ko dito…I think I’m more qualified than you,” he said.

Pamatong did not stop mincing his hot accusations to Duterte as he even speculated that he is the one who violated the dignity of her daughter Davao City mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. “Baka ni-[redacted] mo ang anak mong si Sara kasi sabi niya ni-[redacted] siya.”

“I want you to resign. Get the [redacted] out of the Philippines,” Pamatong said.

His statements against Duterte recevied mixed reactions from netizens.

Mai Cayetano Porras said that Pamatong is embarassing the country with his words.

“It seems like everyone wanted to be a president..alm mo kng sino ang ngpapahiya saatin..kayo mismo,sinisiraan nyo mismo ang Presidente.
sana my prove kayo for all the accusations,” she said.

“Sana my batas din tayo dito sa Pilipinas na May parusa ang sinumang mgsalita ng masama laban sa Presidente,” Porras added.

Meanwhile, Ronello defended Pamatong’s unfiltered comments against Duterte. “Hinde malayo sa katotohan ang kanyang sinabi…opinion nya ito patungkol sa kaganapan sa pamamalakad ng presidente.,.yan ang tunay na oposition handang mamatay alang alang sa kanyang adhikain,” he said.


Source: Facebook


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