Isang ina, pinakita ang kahanga-hangang pag-aalaga sa maysakit na anak

They say that a mother’s love is unconditional and it cannot be compared with other types of love. From the moment we are conceived, our mother is there to carry us in her womb for nine months.

After that, she will have to undergo a painful process for us to breathe life in the world.

The duty of a mother does not stop there. She will also have to provide tender loving care for her child. The mother has the responsibility to nurture the child until it reached the right age where the child can already tend for his or herself.

But most children have the tendency to detach themselves from their parents. They learned how to be independent. Slowly, they found themselves drifting away from the person who once nurtured them.

But despite this, mothers would almost always accept us again wholeheartedly without any question.

Another admiring thing about mothers is that they are willing to tire themselves out just to care for their child if they got sick.

Just like what happened to this mother.

A netizen named Romar Soliman Panganiban uploaded a video of her mother, Agnes, tending to his older brother, Richard. Richard is already 25 years old but Agnes still carries him around the house and bathes him.

Richard is suffering from a bone condition.

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Romar sent the video he uploaded to the show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS)” in the hopes of getting help for his brother.

The show immediately picked up his story and visit Richard themselves.

According to the family, Richard had already learned to work at a very young age to help his family.

He once worked as a construction worker. But during his work, he wounded himself on his foot. He used an antibiotic to heal himself.

After that incident, Richard returned to the construction site, but he felt weak and fainted eventually while working.

When he went to the hospital for a check-up, the doctor diagnosed him with uncontrolled malformed cell growth in the bone. The family cannot do anything about his condition because they do not have the money for proper medicinal substances.

The KMJS staff brought Richard to a neurologist to ask for a second opinion.

The doctor said that Richard do not have the signs and symptoms of uncontrolled malformed cell growth in the bone. Instead, the doctor advised the family to let Richard undergo a series of tests to find out his real health condition.

Netizens commended Romar for his efforts to seek help for his mother and brother.

Many netizens admire the strength of Agnes and her unconditional love for her children. Agnes became a good role model of what a mother should be.

They are hoping for the best for Richard’s health condition.

Currently, the show and the family is still seeking help and asking for donations to help Richard.


Source: Showbizread


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