Mga Mananahi, Inireklamo Ang Kanilang Among Kuripot Magpasweldo

A group of factory workers approached the show of Raffy Tulfo to complain about the unjust pay of the owner of the garments factory they worked in which is located in Caloocan City. According to one of the workers, the owner insists on paying them by “pakyawan” or piece rate, despite their request to increase their salary.

Tulfo asked them how much they are earning on their job. The seamstress told him that they only earn PHP2,000 weekly, making it only PHP8,000 per month.

Tulfo added that their salary is even lower than the minimum wage which is PHP512 per day so it should at least range up to PHP12,000 per month.

Though they do have benefits, they still want at least an increase of rate on their operations.

Tulfo called the owner of the company to get her statement.

Alicia Pandero, owner of Almeada Fashion, defended her side by saying that it was legal and allowed for her to pay her employees by piece rate.She countered the group’s claim by saying that she has a permit issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) allowing her to only pay her workers through the “pakyawan” scheme.

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Pandero even suggested that if they want to see the proof of her permit, she would be very much be willing to show it to them.

She said that the permit was issued when a supposed DOLE representative dropped by their factory for inspection.

Tulfo further asked her about the permit she was saying but the line became unclear. Tulfo decided to drop the call and try later.

He proceeded to talking to the Under Secretary of DOLE, Joel Maglunsod, to confirm about the permit that their department issued.

Maglunsod said that they do not issue permits for piece rate payment to employers. He said that they only allow daily, minimum, and overtime pay.

He said that what Pandero is doing to her employees is not allowed. He said that he will confirm Pandero’s claim to their department.

He promised that they will again send a DOLE representative to the factory.

Tulfo thanked Maglunsod and ended the call.

The workers shared that they saw the supposedly DOLE representative but they find the act too sketchy because the person from their own company rode the same car as that of the one from DOLE.

They were assuming that they probably know each other outside of work.

Meanwhile, the staff was not able to contact Pandero again as she was not answering the call.

Tulfo promised them that the workers will get the help and the salary increase they deserve and their team will get to the bottom of this.


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