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“PANOORIN: Pulubing May Mamahaling Motor!”

Filipinos love laughing. That is why we get so easily amused with hilarious comedy television shows and movies. It is easy to say that we adhere to the saying “laughter is the medicine.” Laughing is a manifestation of us enjoying ourselves despite the hardships that real life has to offer.

We also love some good old prank.

A Youtuber named Jaycee Garcia tried his luck in pranking people on the streets.

His recent video is entitled “HOMELESS WITH A BIG BIKE PRANK (taong grasa).”

His video started with him showing off a big red motorbike. He was wearing a casual outfit: skinny jeans, shirt, and a leather jacket.

From his rider look, he immediately transformed his appearance to that of a homeless person. He was now wearing a blue tattered shirt and he looked really unclean.

The posted the question “Anong gagawin mo pag nakakita ka ng taong grasa na may big bike?” as the premise of his prank.

In his video, he was seen roaming around the various streets of the city.

He caught the attention of many people because of his appearance. But people became even more surprised the moment he rode his big bike. Most of them end up curiously smiling and laughing for what they saw.

Jaycee even tried to ask for money from the people passing by to make his cover more believable.

One woman gave her a one-peso coin. After that, Jaycee approached his big bike and rode it. The woman said, “Oh! Namamalimos ka, may motor ka!”

Another woman had a similar reaction when Jaycee asked for a five-peso coin and then riding off his expensive bike. The woman ended up laughing for what had happened.

In another part of the video, Jaycee was still roaming the streets when his phone rang. People were still looking at him.

He answered his phone and started speaking in English. One man was really surprised as seen in his reaction. The people got even more surprised when they saw that he owns an expensive bike.

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He did this prank multiple times. One man even asked him “Sa’yo yan brad?” to which he answered “Hindi. Napulot ko lang.” The man ended up laughing to Jaycee’s response.

He moved to a different location and lied down on the floor pretending to sleep. A few minutes after, two guards approached him and woke him up. They told him that he was not allowed to stay there and he should go.

Jaycee refused at first but the guards insisted. After pretending to be annoyed, Jaycee once again rode his bike and took off.

The two guards glanced at each other smiling and laughing.

The last part of his prank was him going to gas station, asking for 500-peso worth of gas for free.

The staff were laughing when they saw his bike.

One said, “Sir ang ganda ganda ng motor mo Sir oh!”

Jaycee continued begging and fake crying while the staff just laughed at his act.

He then admitted that it was all a prank and pointed towards the camera.

They even thought that it was for “Wow Mali,” a popular prank show on television.

In the end, many people laughed at his prank and the Youtuber looked like he enjoyed it as well.

The video even showed a blooper in which one resident asked him for a photo. The man said, “Pinagtripan mo kami e” to which Jaycee laughed.

As of writing, the video already had more than 6,000 views.

Source: Showbizread

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