Pulis, nag-iwan ng makapagbagbag damdaming tula para sa anak

Being a police officer is probably one of the hardest and most difficult job of all all. Being a police officer means being ready to risk your life in line of duty.

A police goes to his job leaving his family in a state of anxiousness. Nobody really knows when will be the last time that you will glance at a person still breathing.

Every safe return to one’s home is a blessing already for this people.

We admire them for their courage to face day-to-day troublemakers to make the world a more peaceful place one step at a time.

We admire them even more for their dedication and their passion to their work.

It is true that some of us already see them as the enemy. But we cannot deny the fact that some of them still holds our trust.

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When a person joins the force, it is like the end of one’s life will already be known. Maybe through a small bullet. Or many of it. Maybe through an angry adversary. Their life and the end of it is already predictable for most of them.

But sometimes, it is not their job that would be responsible for it. Sometimes, it’s just nature.

Like what happened to a police officer named Dante Asuncion. Asuncion was terminally ill so it was a different story for him.

Asuncion was just starting his career as a police officer when he found out that he his health condition is slowly deteriorating.

Another sad thing about his story is that it seemed like he just recently got married to woman of his dream, as seen in his Facebook posts.

He was also just starting his duties as a father.

Asuncion was a person full of hopes and dreams for himself, his career, and his family. But all of them seemed impossible once he learned about his sickness.

He probably thought that he would not stand a chance against his condition so he decided to prepared himself for the possibility.

He decided to write a letter in a form of poetry for his child hoping that his child would get to read it in the future and understand what happened to him.

The poem was posted on Facebook through the help of Asuncion’s good friend, with an account name of Nivram Elboder Obadas.

The heartbreaking poem was entitled, “Paalam na, Anak.”

The poem gained a lot of attention on the internet.


Source: TNPMedia

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