WATCH: Idol Raffy, nag-walkout dahil sa reklamo ng isang inang OFW!

A mother’s love is the epitome of what they call an unconditional love; a love that is pure and unselfish, a kind of love that is not expecting anything in return. A mother, no matter how ungrateful and disrespectful her children are, she will still accept them with open arms once they run back home.

This kind of love was exhibited by this former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) mother who came sobbing to Raffy Tulfo’s radio show to seek help win back her son’s love.

Edna Dingal narrated why she and her son parted ways. Edna shared she is a former OFW way back 2006 but got arrested and temporarily detained abroad because of a case she did not elaborate.

Mommy Edna shared how she struggled just to send money to her son in the Philippines from the year 2006 to 2014; her son, Ewu Joseph Kenneth Dingal is not aware of these details of her struggle abroad saying she wanted to admit it for a long time but her son just kept ignoring her.

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When Edna went back to the Philippines, her son did nothing but to disrespect his own mother. Joseph even neglected her own mother’s birthday and mother’s day by playing computer all day or spending the day with his live-in-partner, Daisy.

Joseph’s rudeness to his mother is also known in their place, even their neighbors wanted to report him to barangay officials but her mother begged not to do so because she doesn’t like Joseph to have a bad record which may ban him from securing a job.

Raffy Tulfo and his team tried to reach out to Edna’s son, tried to explain to him his mother’s pleading. But instead of having an emotional reunion, Joseph neglected her mother’s request and dropped the call on the live radio show.

Overwhelmed by his emotions, Raffy Tulfo walked out of the anchor’s booth to calm himself down. When he finally gathered his thoughts, he went back to calm the crying mother and promised to extend help for her.

The radio host also promised that from that day forward, he will be the one to fulfill his son’s shortcoming and that she could treat him like his own son.


Watch the full story below:


RAFFY TULFO NAG-WALK OUT SA ANCHORS BOOTH.Hindi kinaya ang panawagan ng isang nagmamakaawang ina sa kanyang ingrato at walang pusong anak.Song:Kiss the Rain by Yiruma#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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