WATCH: Inang gusto ilayo ang anak sa magulong relasyon! Lalaki, pina-tokhang ni Raffy Tulfo!

We all know for a fact that no parent would wish their children to get in trouble and have an awful life.  They will do everything to give their children what they want, want they deserve, and will never run out of words of wisdom just so we could live a better life.

That is why Madel Dumlao already seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to rescue her daughter Charlotte who is engaged in a terrible and scandalous relationship with a man with no future.

According to Nanay Madel, Charlotte who is a mother of two is already on legal age but she just could not accept the fact that she is having an affair with a man named Ernesto Garcia Jr and living in one house with another woman, in short, they are having a threesome relationship.

The frustrated mother added that it Charlotte is also no longer sending financial support to her children who are currently in the custody and care of Nanay Madel.

She added that Charlotte chooses to live with the guy over her decent job as a call center agent.

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When the program contacted Charlotte, she insisted to speak to her mother privately and argued that she is old enough to make a decision for her own life.

Charlotte did not confirm nor deny the threesome relationship and said it is a very personal matter.

Nanay Madel could not help but get emotional pleading her daughter to leave the guy and come back home.

Meanwhile, a concerned citizen saw the mother’s interview with Tulfo and sent her a video containing illegal activities of Ernesto having a drug session.






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