Driver, nakipagsagutan sa mga traffic enforcers dahil umano sa illegal parking

A Facebook page with an acronym of “G.A.” posted a video of a heated confrontation between MMDA traffic enforcers and a lady driver.

According to the source, the driver illegally parked her car on a road side.

As stated in the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) rules regarding illegal parking, the authorities will have to wait a certain amount of time — 5 minutes to be exact — before towing a vehicle.

If the driver arrives on time, the authorities will ask for the driver’s license and issue a ticket.

In this scenario, the woman said that she came within the time limit.

MMDA Commander Col. Edison Bong Nebrija let her slide though the driver already exceeded the 5 minute mark.

Instead, he asked for her license to finish the process. But the driver refused to give her license and continued to reason out.

Nebrija told her that if she wanted to file a complaint against them, she could do it, but they need to have her license to complete the apprehension.

Nebrija reprimanded the driver about what he did to one of his enforcers. According to Nebrija, in the driver’s attempt to run away, she intentionally ran over one of the officers, causing damage to the latter’s motorcycle, and even putting the enforcer’s life at risk.

The driver said that she was not running away. She also denied that she ran over the enforcer. She said that it was not intentional and that the enforcer had it coming when he blocked her way.

Nebrija insisted on taking her license and reasoned out that the driver indeed violated the illegal parking rule. The driver still refused to give in.

Nebrija finally told the woman that if she does not cooperate, they will be towing her vehicle. The driver continuously argued with the commander.

Nebrija told his officers to call a tow truck.

A photo was shown in the video where you can clearly see that the vehicle was obstructing the side walk, slightly tipping to the road itself.

In addition to that, the vehicle was also coding that day.

The tow truck finally arrived but the driver said that she would not allow her vehicle to be towed because their conversation was not yet over.

The driver even threaten the authorities that she will file a case against them if they will tow her car.

The driver still refused to give her license until the officers show proof that she exceeded the five-minute mark.

She insisted on making the authorities take the tow truck away.

Nebrija was losing his patience towards the woman. He called someone on the phone to explain what was happening, saying that the driver was clearly not cooperating and instead, disrespecting his enforcers.

Azures, the officer who the driver allegedly ran over, calmly talked to the driver.

He reasoned out that the driver would have only gotten a PHP200 worth of ticket but things got worse because she refused to cooperate.

After a while, the driver’s husband came. Azures explained that the driver illegally parked her vehicle. It is protocol for them to issue her a ticket but the driver refused to give her license.

There are two reasons why there is a need for authorities to see the driver’s license. First is to check if the ticket will be issued to the right person, and lastly, to check if the driver has a license.

The husband said that her wife is pregnant and if something bad happens to her and her baby, he will definitely file a case against the authorities.

He even said that his wife is already bleeding and they would have to go to the hospital immediately after getting the ticket.

Azures tried to explain further the situation but the husband did not want to listen anymore.

Azures still insisted on bringing them to the station to file a police report but the couple refused, instead they drove the vehicle away from the scene.

Many netizens reacted to this video saying that the license of the arrogant driver should be revoked.

Other told the authorities that they’re too soft because they let the couple get away.

Some asked who Nebrija was calling that time and why was he not on the scene during the latter part of the video.


In the comment section, G.A. posted a screenshot of Nebrija’s statement saying that he was talking to the legal team because he already knew where it was going when she found out that the driver was actually a fiscal.

Source: Facebook

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