WATCH: Mag-aama nagmakaawang umuwi na ang ina, pero inang OFW, dedma!

We all know for a fact that our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in all parts of the world are sacrificing so much just to work in a foreign country and earn money to provide the needs of their family. If they are suffering from homesickness, their families left back home are also extremely suffering and longing for their presence and love.

Just like this family who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to plead their family’s matriarch to go back to the Philippines and fix their family.

According to the family’s patriarch, last month he received a message from his wife Marcella Turingan and expressing her idea to divorce their marriage. Marcella has been working as a caregiver in Jordan for almost a year now.

The husband said that the divorce topic prompted since Marcella is accusing him of wasting the money that she is sending to them. He said that Marcella is giving P5,500 monthly financial support for their eldest son while he is the one supporting the expenses of their youngest son.

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The eldest son could not help but get emotional while pleading for his mother to go home, he revealed that it was his idea to seek Tulfo’s help so they can fix their family.

When the program called Marcella, she also got emotional saying that for the past year that she is working abroad, she could not save up money since her husband is always wasting it, an accusation the husband denied saying that he has his own source of income as tricycle driver and also taking side jobs as construction worker.

The father and his sons emotionally plead for Marcella to just go home and told her they will work hand-in-hand with the expenses instead of having a lot of money and having a broken family.

“Walang silbi yung pera kung sira naman yung pamilya natin!” the eldest son said.

“Hindi nila kailangan ang pera mo, mama! Ang gusto namin ikaw, ikaw na asawa ko at ina ng aking mga anak! Maawa ka sa kanila!” the husband pleads.

But Marcella insisted that she does not want to go home since she no longer wants to experience the hardship back home and has a goal to save up money to buy their own house and put up a small business.

Even Tulfo offered to pay their P60,000 debt in exchange for her going back to her family, but Marcella retains her decision to stay in Jordan.


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Watch the full story below:

Pagmamakaawa ng kanyang mga anak, binalewala.

Pagmamakaawa ng kanyang mga anak, binalewala.#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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