LOOK: Babaeng “Walwal Is Life” Pinagtulungan ng Barkada!

Walwal – this is the term coined by Filipino millennials which translate to living one’s life to the fullest, but most of the time, this term is used to describe a person’s behavior towards taking alcoholic drinks, and when is the best day to experience one’s “walwal is life” moment? Of course, while celebrating special occasions like birthday, graduation, and wedding.

But sometimes, you don’t need to wait for such special occasion to experience your epic walwal moment; a spontaneous drinking session with your friends after a long day at work would be enough. This kind of session would often be called “two bottles lang” or “chill lang” kind of session, but we all know that two bottles and chill never happened in real life.

Just like the experience of this group of friends whose one member passed out in the middle of their “chill” drinking session.

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Based on the viral Facebook post, the lady whose name was not disclosed seems to have drunk way to much liquor than she thinks her body could handle.

Good thing, she is with her trustworthy friends who are kind enough to drive her home after losing her consciousness in the middle of their happy hour.

The simple drunk moment turned epic as the lady’s group of friends had to help each other in order to carry her all the way to the parking lot and safely place her inside the car. Despite carrying a heavy load, the group could be heard laughing all throughout the moment and could not believe what just happened to their friend who seems relaxed during the drinking session.

In the video, the lady could be seen totally passed out and does not have any idea what is happening to her, she is probably in her dreamland dreaming about some good stuff brought by indulging to alcohol. Good thing, her friends were able to capture her epic walwal moment that will surely make her laugh as soon as she regained her consciousness.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed mixed reaction on the said viral post, some of them could not help but laugh and relate to the woman’s walwal state, while others suggested that this kind of video should not have been posted on social media. Read some of their comments below:



There is really nothing wrong with enjoying and experiencing a walwal-kind-of-night once in a while, but make sure to know your limitations and make sure you are surrounded with the people you can trust instead of the one who will take advantage of your drunkenness.







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