WATCH: Lalake Huli Sa Aktong Pag-Umbag Sa Customer Sa Isang Cellphone Shop. Ang Dahilan…

Ladies, admit it or not, at some point in our lives we have dreamt of having a knight in shining armor that would sweep off our feet and protect us from any harm that would come our way. A man who could protect us from all wickedness in this world is definitely a plus point for us as it makes us feel secure and loved at the same time.

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But in our search for this brusque-kind-of-man, sometimes, we ended up with an overprotective boyfriend that is ready to lash out everyone who will decide to check us out even just for a few seconds.

Just take it from the experience of this couple whose sudden trip to a cell phone shop quickly turned into a violent scenario after the boyfriend caught a creepy man checking out his girl’s bum.

In the video captured by Lincolnton, North Carolina-based SEA Wireless shop’s CCTV camera, the couple could be seen talking to a store clerk when all of a sudden the boyfriend noticed that another customer is indulging his eyes on his girlfriend’s bottom.

When he tried to call out the attention of the customer wearing a coordinating red shirt and cap, he just smiled back at him and said “yeah”, what it seems like a commendation to his girlfriend’s sexy butt.

But the offended boyfriend did not waste any moment and stormed him with a straight punch in the face, it’s so hard that the perverted guy’s cap almost flies off his head.

After the violent attack, the guy could be heard saying “What’s your problem bro?” as he tries to walk out of the store.

As the things between the overprotective boyfriend and perverted guy escalated quickly, the lady could be seen slapping her hands off her side as if getting frustrated and embarrassed by the behavior that her boyfriend shows.

The embarrassed girlfriend then directed his attention to the seemingly unbothered store clerk and requested him to stay quiet and make sure to leave the cops out of the situation.

After which, the girlfriend went on and scolded her boyfriend and obliged him to walk after the guy and apologize for what he just did.

After several exchanges of argument, the guy could be seen walking out of the store. Although we are not sure if he really did apologize to the man he just punched, he obviously said something that will never want him to come back and face him again.




Watch the full video below:


Would you do the same if you caught another man checking out your girl’s sexy figure? Share us your thoughts in the comments section.


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Source: Daily Mail | YouTube

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