Ina, inireklamo ang anak na pulis na nanloko sa kanya!

The complainant was Maria Cayanga. She approached the radio show of Raffy Tulfo to ask for help regarding her situation about her police daughter and regarding money matters.

Cayanga shared that her daughter called her saying that her child needed help.

Cayanga could not say no to her grandchild so she said that they would just take a loan to lend her at least PHP50,000.

But when they went to the bank, it seemed like her daughter got more than what should be given to her. Cayanga thought that they will only loan a total amount of PHP200,000. But she noticed that the teller hand over another set of cash to her daughter.

Her police daughter excused herself saying that she would just go outside and pay something, while carrying the bag of cash.

It turns out, that the receipt given to them includes another loan worth PHP500,000, making it a total of at least PHP700,000.

Tulfo called the police daughter, PO3 Jonalyn Casimiro of Cabanatuan City PNP to clarify the issue.

Casimiro said that they already talked about the problem in their police station given that it concerns family matter.

Tulfo asked Casimiro what had happened and why does her mother think she tricked her.

Casimiro said that she did not receive any money because the loan was named after her mother.

When asked why the loan reached an amount of PHP700,000, Casimiro said that she had no idea.

She also said that it was only now that her mother complained about it even though it happened a long time ago.

Cayanga said that she only received PHP200,000 from the loan.

Tulfo asked Casimiro where did the PHP500,000 went. In which Casimiro responded that she does not know.

She even said that she’s willing to accompany her mother to AMWSLAI to clear the problem.

She also said that they could check the CCTV footage from the bank to prove that it was her mother who received the money.

Cayanga became very emotional just by thinking about what her daughter did to her.

Cayanga’s sister came with her on the radio station to back up her sister’s claim.

She said that it was not the first time that Casimiro did this to her mother.

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There was a time when Casimiro mortgaged their house and lot and it was Cayanga’s other child who redeemed it.

Not only did she mortgaged the house, Casimiro also pawned the ATM card that they were supposed to use to pay for the title.

Tulfo expressed his disappointment towards the police officer saying that instead of helping her mother, she did things to get her into trouble.

Casimiro said that she is willing to face her mother and talked to her about this. But she still believed that she did not do anything wrong.

Find out the whole story of this mother-daughter conflict.


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