Lalaki, hindi pinayagang makaalis ng bansa kahit na may visa

A man approached the radio show of Raffy Tulfo to complain about the situation he had with the immigration. Juan Gayagoy shared that he became acquainted with the former President of the Marshall Islands.

Marshall Islands is a country island located between Guam and Hawaii, making it a U.S. territory. According to Gayagoy, he was invited to attend the death anniversary of the former president of the Marshall Islands.

He thought that everything was already settled. But when he reached the airport, he was off-loaded by the immigration. Tulfo asked him if he has a visa. Gayagoy brought with him all his documents and showed it to Tulfo.

Tulfo then expressed his disappointment towards the immigration here in the country. He said that once the country to be visited already issued a visa, it means that the person had passed all the requirements.

It is now up to the other country’s immigration to do their job on allowing or not allowing a person to step foot on their country. Gayagoy said that he was off-loaded by an officer with a surname of Panganiban. Tulfo asked what was the reason given to him.

Gayagoy said that the officer was looking for a proof that he really knows the former president of Marshall Islands. For example is a photo of Gayagoy and the son of the former president.

But Gayagoy was not able to provide one, except for his invitation and his visa. Tulfo called the spokesperson of the Bureau of Immigration, Atty. Antonette Mangrobang, to clarify the problem.

Meanwhile, Gayagoy could not contain himself anymore and started getting emotional. Mangrobang admitted that she could not answer immediately because she does not know the full assessment of the immigration in this specific case.

Tulfo again expressed his disappointment by saying that Gayagoy and other Filipinos had already experienced the same situation. These people undergo multiple screenings just to be allowed to leave the country, yet once they’ve reached the airport, the immigration would easily off-load them.

Mangrobang explained that they follow a certain departure guideline set by the department secretary to avoid cases of human trafficking.

Tulfo find it unreasonable that Filipinos like Gayagoy had went through all the troubles to get a visa. They had spent a good amount of money. Alongside of that is the humiliation that this situation will bring.

Mangrobang invited the complainant to their office to further discuss the issue.

Find out what happened next.

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