WATCH: Babaeng marami umanong “haters” sa kanilang lugar, pinetisyong palayasin ng mga kapitbahay

“Hater gonna hate!” this is the phrase often heard among millennial who have tons of haters either in school, workplace, or social media. Well, we really can’t please everybody, but if an entire village already hates you, then you might as well reflect and check what could be wrong with your personality to deserve all the hate, right?

A married couple at Barangay Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal seek the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about some of their neighbors and the Barangay Chairman who is always not taking actions on their complaints.

According to Estrelita Ensiso, the streets on their place is always occupied by cars parked in the road causing inconvenience to them and all other residents.

But it turned out; a group of residents of the same place is also present at Raffy Tulfo in Action program to petition the Ensiso couple for always causing trouble in their place.

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At least six neighbors shared their own experiences with Estrelita saying that she is rude and always bad mouthing them and always creating commotion and scandal in the area.

When the program calls the Barangay’s Chairman Sherwin Cuevillas, he confirmed that almost all of Estrelita’s neighbor is actually complaining about her attitude.

Cuevillas revealed that when they checked the couple’s background, they discovered that they were also petitioned and ousted at Barangay Langka, Marikina City as well as Brgy. Gitnangbayan Uno, San Mateo, Rizal due to her behavior.

Estrelita argued that her neighbors just envy her that is why they would often pick a fight with her.

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Posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Source: Facebook


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