Nanggagalaiti ang babaeng ito nang makaharap ang taxi driver na nang-holdap sa kanya!

A complainant went to the radio program of Raffy Tulfo to report the incident of robbery that happened to her while riding a taxi.


The story of Rejean Mulo went viral on social media after she posted it on her Facebook account.

Netizens tagged Tulfo’s show and at the same time Mulo approached the show herself to help her apprehend the robber.

They were able to bring the suspect, Renando Catalan, on the show with the help of the taxi operator.

Mulo became very emotional the moment she went face-to-face with the person responsible for the trouble she got in.


To start with, they showed the photos that Mulo posted on her Facebook account.

The photos include one that shows the plate number of the taxi unit involved in the incident which is “AA02131.”

The next photos showed the injuries that Mulo procured from the incident. She had large wounds on her knees and arms.

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According to Mulo, she rode a taxi at Matutum corner Del Monte area around twelve o’clock midnight. She thought that riding a taxi would be safer than riding two jeepneys going to Pureza. But she obviously made the wrong choice.

Her friends stopped the said vehicle for her to ride. They also took a photo of the taxi and its plate number in case something happened.


This move became helpful in tracking down the driver.

When they reached Speaker Perez corner Dapitan area, Catalan stopped the vehicle and excused himself saying he’s just going to urinate.

But instead of doing so, Catalan moved to Mulo’s side and said “Dito na!”

To which Mulo responded, “Anong dito na? Pureza pa ako, kuya. Ang layo pa nito.”


That’s when Catalan declared a robbery.

Catalan immediately snatched her bag away from her but she was able to resist. She got out of the vehicle, still not letting go of her bag.

The driver returned to the driver’s seat with one hand clutching the steering wheel and the other holding the bag.


Catalan drove away, dragging Mulo behind until she let go of her belongings. This is why she procured the said injuries.

Her whole bag was taken away together with PHP7,000 worth of cash, IDs, uniform, keys, passport, and ATM card.

Tulfo began questioning Catalan about what he did.


At first, Catalan started denying the accusation saying that it was not him. He also tried to come up with alibis.

But Mulo stayed firm with her judgment saying that she was very sure that it was Catalan who robbed him.


What would be this case’s resolution?

Watch the full video here



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