WATCH: Tangkang Ayusin Ang Gusot ng Pamilyang Ito, Nauwi sa Suntukan at Sabunutan!

“Blood is thicker than water” is a proverb which implies that family relationship is more important than of your friends, lovers, or workmates. And since blood is indeed thicker than water, when an argument arises, the resentment is deeper and harder to resolve.

Just like what happened to Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Vangie Donayre who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to help her talk to her mother and fix their problem before she leaves the country.

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According to Vangie, it all started when her mother Violeta Del Rosario started to be against her relationship with her live-in partner Jomar Golina and even scolded and cursed her children out of Mommy Violeta’s anger on Jomar.

When Tulfo raised that Mommy Violeta is probably against the relationship since Jomar is married before, he explained that Vangie’s mother treatment just changed when he no longer works abroad and failed to give her money.

Vangie could not help but get emotional stating how much she sacrifices while working abroad just to provide the needs of their family, but their relationship suddenly turned sour when Vangie and Jomar could no longer give the amount they used to give to Mommy Violeta.

“’Pag wala na po akong pera, tae na po ako sa kanila, pag may pera po napaka-bango. Hindi po ako sir nagkulang sakanila, nasa abroad po ako lahat ng pamilya ko tinutulungan ko,” Vangie said.

“Minsan sinasabi ko sa sarili ko parang hindi tayo pamilya, ang tagal kong nag-abroad, sinacrifice ko lahat, mga kapit ko tinulungan ko, hindi ako naging madamot sayo alam ng buong tao ‘yan! Porket ba ganito na wala na kaming naibibigay na pera sa inyo gaganyanin niyo na kami? Mga anak ko grabe kayo makapag-mura!” she added.

Because of this, Tulfo decided to let his team accompany Vangie to talk to her mother personally, they even bought flowers and fruits as a peace offering for Mommy Violeta.

But the confrontation didn’t go as planned as Vangie’s siblings want to join them, but Vangie insisted she only wants to talk to her mother. Things escalated quickly when one of Vangie’s sisters started arguing with her and even attacks her physically.





Watch the turnout of events below:




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