Jerrylane Dacallos, together with her mother, Delia Dacallos, approached the show of Raffy Tulfo to ask for help regarding the custody case she has on her two-year old daughter. Her daughter is currently in Lingayen, Pangasinan together with her in-laws.

According to Jerrylane, her in-laws refused to give her the child, saying that they should wait for the father of the child to get home.

Jerrylane’s ex-boyfriend worked at a ship.

Tulfo called Jerrylane’s mother-in-law, Delia Cabiguen, to explain the matter.

When Tulfo said that Jerrylane wanted to get her daughter’s custody, Cabiguen immediately said no.

She kept saying that they should wait for her child to go home. The in-law was very hostile and kept shouting through the phone.

Tulfo was also caught off-guard by Cabiguen’s attitude.

He told her that it was stated in the law that the custody of children below 7 years old should go to the mother, yet Cabiguen still insisted.

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She even called Jerrylane “sira ulo” and “baliw.”

Tulfo called Lorenza Dacena of MSWD Lingayen, Pangasinan to ask for help regarding the issue.

Dacena confirmed that the child’s custody should indeed be given to the mother.

Tulfo also called Col. Jackson Sequin, the Chief of Police of Lingayen, Pangasinan to request for assistance when MSWD and Jerrylane herself go to the house of the in-laws.

Sequin invited Jerrylane to their station to give her the assistance she needed.

The staff of the program accompanied Jerrylane to the Lingayen Police Station.

The PNP Lingayen accompanied Jerrylane to the house of her in-law.

Upon seeing her mother, the child hurriedly ran to Jerrylane.

She immediately held the child and took her away from the resisting Cabiguen.

Cabiguen insisted on getting the child back saying that they should wait for the father.

But Jerrylane found courage to confront the mother-in-law, saying that she has every right to get her child’s custody because she is the mother.

Cabiguen still kept on snatching the child away from Jerrylane but the latter ran far away.

The PNP held Cabiguen back and explained to her that she should come to the station to settle the issue.

Cabiguen kept on arguing saying that she was the one who raised the child.

Jerrylane held her child close to her despite Cabiguen’s many attempt on snatching the child away.

The child even started crying because of the incident.

They’ve reached the barangay hall where Kagawad Manuel Badong mediated the two parties.

He said that in-laws should not be involved in matters involving the relationship of Jerrylane and her partner.

Cabiguen started crying.

In the end, Jerrylane was able to get her child.

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