Misis, pinagkaisahan ng mga biyenan at asawa dahil sa kagustuhan niyang mabawi ang anak!

Fatima Santos came to the show of Raffy Tulfo to seek help with her situation involving her police ex-husband.

According to Santos, her former husband refused to give her their two-year old daughter.

She left her police husband last 2016 because he was physically hurting her and oftentimes held her at gunpoint.

The police said that it is preferable if she would just visit the child from time to time because her daughter does not recognize her. The police even doubted her capacity to take care of their daughter.

PO1 Jan Andrew Parreño immediately explained the situation to Tulfo saying that he and Santos already talked about the agreement.

He reasoned that the child needs time to know her mother.

Tulfo told him that he should follow the law whether he liked it or not. The law states the a child below 7 years old should go to the custody of the mother.

According to Santos, a family member of Parreño even threatened her.

Tulfo was about to talk to Parreño about this but the latter already dropped the call.

Tulfo assured Santos that they would coordinate with the PNP and DSWD to help her get the custody of her child.

The staff accompanied Santos to Parañaque where they sought help from the authorities.

City Administrator, Ding Soriano, immediately spearheaded and planned the operation.

Santos was escorted by the Parañaque PNP to the house of her ex-husband.

The moment they’ve reached the house. She immediately get a hold of her child and took her with her.

Meanwhile, the authorities asked the relatives of the husband to come with them to resolve the matter.

Santos confronted her in-laws. The scene became heated as both the parties were angry.

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Santos explained the maltreatment she experienced in the house of her husband and in-laws.

She said that they often undermine her because she did not graduate.

Her in-laws kept on denying about Santos’ accusations.

Even the staff filming the scene were treated poorly by the husband’s family.

Santos said that her in-laws always meddle with her and Parreño’s affair which made their situation even worse.

She told them that she would not get back together with their son and she just wanted her daughter back.

The father-in-law enter the scene and told the filming crew to stop what they’re doing. He even called the media one-sided.

The argument intensified when the father-in-law threatened Santos saying,

“Baka sa susunod e, ipatimbuwang na lang kita.”

Watch what happened next after the father of the child arrived.


Source:  Youtube

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