Nanay, inireklamo ang anak na diumano’y hindi siya sinusustentuhan!

An emotional mother expressed her disappointment to her daughter after being denied of financial support.

Elizabeth approached the radio program of Raffy Tulfo to seek help regarding her conflict with her daughter, Desiree.

The complainant said that she wanted to talk to her daughter but her Desiree refused to.

She resorted to going to the program to ask for a third party to mediate them.

According to Elizabeth, her daughter is a dentist. She also said that Desiree is newly-wed.

Her problem was that Desiree had refused to give her financial support anymore.

She said that Desiree used to provide for her. But it changed when she got married.

Tulfo asked the complainant if she has other children who could at least help her for a while. Elizabeth said that she only have two children, and Desiree is the only one capable to provide for her since the other one is still studying.

Tulfo called Desiree to clarify the matter.

Desiree immediately denied the accusation against her saying that she did not stop financially supporting her mother after she got married.

But what frustrates her is that whenever she was not able to give anything to Elizabeth, her mother will get mad and will start saying things to her.

According to her, Elizabeth would also guilt trip her saying that she owes a lot to her mother because she had supported her studies, and she had to pay her back.

Elizabeth would oftentimes refer Desiree as an “investment.”

Desiree said that she never neglected her family. In fact, she was the one supporting her sister’s schooling.

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She and her husband agreed that she should already stop providing financial support to her mother because of how she’s been treating her.

She shared the one instance where her mother made a scene in the clinic they worked at.

But despite this, Desiree still let her mother stay in their own home.

But when she told her that she would not give checks to her anymore, Elizabeth once again got mad.

She said that she used to issue her checks worth PHP20,000 monthly. Aside from this, she also gives separate money to her sister.

Tulfo called out Elizabeth for treating her daughter badly despite helping and providing support for her.

He told her that she had to understand that Desiree already has her own family.

He asked Elizabeth to apologize to her daughter, in which she immediately agreed.

Desiree said that she can always forgive her mother but for now, she wished not to see her.


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