Internet sensation na si Maria Sofia Love, Binastos ang Pambansang Awit!

The transgender Maria Sofia Sanchez, better known as Maria Sofia Love became popular on the internet because of her amusing viral video of her walking down the streets saying “Pak! Para sa ekonomiya!”

People were amused because of her carefree and funny personality. A late night talk show even invited her to be a guest the audience and the host were very much entertained with her presence.

However, Maria Sofia Love faced serious charges against her because of what she did in one of her Facebook live video.

She was wearing a red one-piece bikini.

The appalling thing was that the country’s National Anthem, was playing on the background.

Maria Sofia Love started dancing to the hymn.

Obviously, many people reacted negatively because of the clear disrespect to the National Anthem that Maria Sofia Love exhibited in the video.

The news program Aksyon reported about the incident.

Raffy Tulfo communicated with Teddy Atienza from the National Historical Commission (NHC) of the Philippines with regards to the incident.

According to Atienza, they were able to watch the said video and they found it very appalling and offensive to the country’s National Anthem.

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Atienza said that surely, Maria Sofia Love, would face serious charges against her.

Tulfo said that Maria Sofia Love could be considered as a Persona Non Grata, meaning she wouldn’t be allowed to enter the country anymore.

Maria Sofia Love is currently residing abroad.

Tulfo said that they should also cancel her Philippine passport.

Atienza confirmed that those were the actions that the NHC were currently doing in coordination with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). He also said that they’ve just communicated with the Consul General of Los Angeles to trace Maria Sofia Love’s whereabouts.

He said that if Maria Sofia Love’s citizenship is still Filipino, her Philippine passport would be revoked, and if she is a foreign citizen, she will be banned in the immigration.

Atienza reminded everyone that they do not tolerate any form of disrespect towards the country’s national symbols, especially the National Anthem. He said that the National Anthem is not an ordinary song that you could just dance to.

This is a commemoration of every Filipino’s heroic deeds for the nation and we should always uphold its value and significance.

Whoever disrespects any national symbols should face the equivalent consequences of their action.

Even the act of not stopping or not standing during the singing of the National Anthem could already be considered a violation.

In a separate video, Maria Sofia Love, already issued an apology saying that she’s been handling and accepting all the cases charged against her and that she regretted what she did to the National Anthem.


Watch the full video here:

Source: Youtube

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