Tatay, ayaw na ngang ibigay ang bunsong anak sa asawa, diretsahan pang itinakwil ang panganay!

Kristaline Grace Adriano, together with her eldest child, went to the program of Raffy Tulfo to ask for help regarding the custody of her other child.

According to Kristaline, her 5-year old child was in Nueva Ecija together with her husband who refused to give her the child.

Tulfo called the father, James Paul Adriano Sr., to ask him to give the custody of their younger child to Kristaline but James immediately said that it’s not possible.

According to James, their child was neglected by Kristaline when the kid used to be with her. James even said that Kristaline’s relatives could attest to this.

He also said that Kristaline does not have the capacity to take care of their children because he thinks that her wife do not have the sound mind anymore.

He thinks that her wife’s sanity is slowly deteriorating because of her health condition that concerns constant blood transfusion.

Tulfo called Donna de Leon of MSWD, Sta. Rosa, Laguna regarding the issue.

De Leon confirmed that the custody of a child below 7 years old belongs to the mother.

She assured that they would verify the claims of the father against Kristaline.

Kristaline countered James’s allegations saying,

“Kasi po kung totoo po ‘yung sinasabi niya, na sa akin po kasi ‘yung panganay ko.”

Tulfo considered this and said that Kristaline’s eldest child indeed seemed to be in his proper condition and looked like he was well taken care of.

Aside from the MSWD representative, Tulfo also called Major Herbert Ocumen, Chief of Police of Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija, to ask for assistance to which the latter said yes.

Tulfo told James that Kristaline’s capacity to take care of their child could be proven by his eldest son’s well-being.

What James said surprised everyone especially the eldest son.

“Actually po, Sir Tulfo, hindi ko po siya tunay na anak.”

Kristaline immediately countered James’s statement saying that her eldest son’s name is “James Paul Adriano, Jr.”

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Tulfo said that James might have been twisting the whole story because if James Jr. was not really his son, then why would he have the audacity to name the child after him.

Kristaline challenge James to have a DNA test to confirm that James Jr. is indeed his son. Tulfo supported this and said that he would shoulder the expenses for the DNA testing.

James agreed.

Tulfo proceeded to calling Kristaline’s uncle, Alex Yambot, to confirm what James said to them attesting the incapacity of Kristaline to take care of her child.

The uncle immediately denied the allegation.

Find out what would be the resolution once they’ve reached the Nueva Ecija police station.

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