WATCH: Dating kahera na nagreklamo sa programa ni Tulfo, tablado!

When the name Raffy Tulfo is mentioned, everybody knows that he is the man behind the famous public service radio program that caters to regular citizens who are a victim of anomalies and injustice. The Filipino people idolize him for taking immediate actions on problems be it personal, financial, legal or work-related.

But we also know that Raffy Tulfo knows how to balance fairness, even if one endured lining up to complain about his program, it doesn’t mean that he will take the side of the complainant already. He always makes sure to get both sides of the story and take action fairly.

Just like what happened to woman identifies as “Alias Anna” who first introduced herself as a concerned citizen who is complaining about a restaurant-bar in their place which causing unnecessary noise and trouble in the area and disturbing residents like her.

Because of her complaint, Tulfo immediately contacted Manila’s Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) for the immediate closure of JC James Resto Bar since they also found out that the establishment also lacks necessary documents to run their business.

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But on the latter part of the program, it was revealed that Anna was actually a former employee of the bar who works as a cashier. It turned out that the bar owner demoted her from cashier to waitress and even deducted her salary from P250 per day down to P100.

Anna said that out of nowhere, the owner appointed her mother to handle the bar’s cashier and assigned her as a waitress which salary is not enough for her to provide for her family’s everyday needs.

When the program called the bar owner Rose Marie Amarillo, she revealed that she decided to demote Anna because of allegedly stealing from the bar’s income.

Tulfo then lectured Anna that the business owner has all the right to appoint a specific person in a certain position especially if there is anomaly going on that concerns money.

Because of this, Tulfo then refused to order the closure of the bar as he earlier requested the BPLO.


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